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The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Boxing

These options are ideal for Aries because they allow you to release some of your passion in a healthy manner.

Taurus: Barre

Taurus, you will love barre, the ballet-inspired workout that allows you to exercise at your own pace while wearing comfortable pants.

Gemini: Group Aerobics

Gemini enjoys working out in a class or group setting. Choose step classes, Zumba workouts with upbeat music.

Cancer: Elliptical

When you arrive at the gym, Cancer, focus solely on the elliptical machines.

Leo: Exercise Class

Since Leo regulates the heart, getting your heart thumping and blood flowing will feel very energising for you.

Virgo: Vinyasa Yoga

You are a Virgo gravitate for exercise routines that seem especially supportive, and organised, like vinyasa yoga.

Libra: Roller Skating

Libra, while selecting a workout, you're always on the lookout for enjoyable music and an inspirational ambiance.

Scorpio: Rock Climbing

Scorpio is attracted to power, so choose a strenuous workout that makes you feel powerful and autonomous.

Sagittarius: Outdoor Run

As an adventurous and fiery Sagittarius, you adore a nomadic lifestyle.

Capricorn: Qigong

Qigong is precisely what you require, Capricorn. This calm, grounded technique can help you feel connected to your body.

Aquarius: Virtual Reality Workouts

Aquarius, technology is your closest friend, so it makes sense to incorporate cutting-edge technology into your exercise regimen, as well.

Pisces: Swimming

She thinks that Aquariuses may find water aerobics appealing. There are also aquatic dancing lessons, lap swimming at the gym.

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