The Best Lipstick Colours Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Red lipstick, a timeless classic that will never go out of style, ideally represents the fiery Aries personality.


Bulls prefer tranquil, pastoral environments, so why not choose a taupe lipstick.


To reflect the dual essence of Gemini, choose the color Glossy Peach.



According to the study, those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are sensitive and adept at picking up on energy. To complement this, use a palette of powder pink.


Fortunately, Leo is a courageous fire sign known to revel in the limelight, and what better way to sparkle than with gold lips. 

The study concludes that the dark orange-brown-red tones of Rosewood are a perfect match for the "Goddess of Grains" earth sign.



According to the study, a soft coral sheen is necessary for a pleasant and harmonious Libra.


Scorpios require a shade that is "dark and twisty" (to cite Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy) because they are intensely passionate," states the study.


Similarly, those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are adapted to plum hues, but for an entirely different reason, according to the research.


Caps are well-balanced individuals, adept at navigating both the material and emotional domains, with a preference for traditional appearances.


The study suggests that 'Pale Blue may not be for everyone, but an unconventional iridescent hue is ideal for an Aquarius.


The study asserts, Pisces is a water sign that reflects a constant split between illusion and reality.

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