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Soda You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Coca-Cola

Therefore, it makes sense to match you with the most well-known and popular soda .

Taurus: Cream Soda

If you want a Soda that feels like a guilty indulgence, you can't do better than a delicious cream soda. 

Gemini: Fanta

Grab a Fanta the next time you're seeking to switch things up. In the United States, you can find popular fruit flavors.

Cancer: 7 Up

The zesty lemon-lime flavor of 7 Up evokes a pleasant sense of nostalgia and is the perfect way to console someone in need.

Virgo: Pepsi

In contrast to the vanilla flavor you'd expect from most colas, Pepsi has a subtle citrus flavor that hits the right note.

Libra: Diet Coke

You'll still get the Coca-Cola taste and caffeine kick, but it's low-sugar and low-calorie, so there's no need to feel regretful.

Scorpio: Jarritos

These underappreciated gems are produced with natural sugars and contain less carbonation than conventional soft drinks,

Sagittarius: Ginger Ale

The building was started in 1989 and took seven years and $50m to construct. It’s among the priciest hotels in America.

Capricorn: Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper, the original. Containing 23 distinct varieties that create a one-of-a-kind experience, it is certain to please every customer.

Aquarius: Root Beer

Made with licorice root and black cherry, its flavor is so robust and distinct, you won't be able to get enough of it.

Pisces: Sierra Mist

 The crisp Sierra Mist's natural flavors and carbonation will keep you satiated until the very last sip.

Leo: Crush Orange Soda

Crush citrus soda has the same bubbly energy and effervescence, making it the perfect thirst-quencher.

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