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Secretly Hopeless Romantics Zodiac Signs



Scorpios are notoriously possessive and jealous in relationships.

Scorpios may be clingy and jealous due to insecurity, but this does not define how they love.

Scorpios are self-protective and fear rejection, so they won't express this.


Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is realistic in everything. Capricorn approaches partnerships pragmatically.

Capricorn dates to commit. Capricorn loves seriously. They have high expectations and won't accept anything less.

Capricorn doesn't want to waste time on the wrong person when they could be in a meaningful relationship.


Like Capricorn, Virgo views relationships realistically. Virgo is faithful and takes commitment seriously.

Virgo takes a long time to fall in love, which may lead some to think they're not interested in partnerships. It's not.

Virgo would do anything for their partner. Virgos love deeply and lavishly.

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