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Scorpio Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches


Pisces is one of Scorpio's finest compatible signs. As Water Signs, they are extremely sensitive and capable of forming intense bonds.

Scorpio is more intense and cosmopolitan, whereas Pisces is more gentle and laid-back.

In most relationships, the dominant companion will be a Scorpio man or woman. However, in Capricorn, a native Scorpio will have encountered their match.


Scorpio and Capricorn can appear very similar from the outside, but they are both extremely ambitious and diligent.

Cancer and Scorpio are very compatible. Being a Water Sign, Cancer shares both the emotional intensity and the ability to form profound bonds with Scorpio.


Theoretically, the relationship between Scorpio and Cancer ought to be just as harmonious as that between Scorpio and Pisces.


There are a few exceptions, but the signs adjacent to one another have nothing in common. Sagittarius and Scorpio are not among the exceptions.

Scorpio's innermost desires are intimacy and depth, while Sagittarius craves independence above all else.


When engaging in discourse, a native Scorpio prefers to discuss a topic in great detail.

When these signs attempt to converse, Gemini loses interest in a subject before Scorpio has provided a satisfactory introduction.


Libra is Scorpio's other zodiac neighbor, and relationships between these two are also problematic.

The conflicts between Scorpio and Libra stem from their profoundly dissimilar values. Nothing is more essential to Libra than social harmony, including honesty

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