Ranking The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

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Cancer, the most sensitive sign, sulks like a child when abused, yet they immediately regret it! 

Cancer, one of the most passionate zodiac signs, gets inside their brains when arguing.


Pisces are prone to whining and may even shed tears when their emotions are damaged.

When attempting to reconcile with a Pisces, you should not leave their side.


When they are hurt, Scorpios attempt to conceal their emotions and can explode with zodiac rage if they are pushed too far.

If you experience difficulties with a Scorpio, be mindful of your body language.


Leos are inherently sensitive, and when they feel threatened, they might become quite harsh with their speech.

When Leos feel judged, they can quickly go from 0 to 100! Get a Leo a drink to make them calm down!


Aries individuals are exceedingly sensitive, impetuous, and often upset.

They can at any time turn on a switch! If you dispute with an Aries, lay everything out on the table.

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