Ranked Based On Who Gives The Best Advice According to The Zodiac Sign 

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 Virgos provide excellent advice, particularly career advice, and is quite direct. 

1. Virgo

Capricorns are ambitious individuals who are adept at networking and have a productive social life.

2. Capricorn

3. Scorpio

Scorpios have a profound comprehension of other people's psychology, so they can help you navigate a difficult situation at work or in a romantic relationship.

4. Cancer

The sensitive Cancer is adept at assessing situations, but despite their emotional nature, they are also extremely pragmatic.

Due to their diplomatic nature, Librans may be reluctant to tell you the truth. However, they provide excellent advice because their perspective is well-balanced.

5. Libra

6. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the individual to consult for spiritual and philosophical guidance. They are intelligent individuals who appreciate intellectual discourse.

If you need advice on conserving money, navigating a complicated romantic situation, or resolving domestic conflicts, you should consult a Taurus.

7. Taurus

8. Aries

Aries can be overly impulsive and a poor listener, so they may not completely comprehend your problem before offering their opinion.

Geminis are excellent speaking boards, and you can engage in numerous conversations with them. 

9. Gemini

10. Pisces

Pisces is one of the most intelligent and talented signs, but they cannot force others to work, think, love, or behave like them.

11. Leo

When you begin discussing a problem with Leos, they will begin by discussing their own concerns. T

12. Aquarius

Aquarius has no interest or involvement in the affairs of others. They would rather encourage everyone's madness with humorous suggestions.

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