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Pisces Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches


Cancer is the most compatible sign for Pisces. Both share a passion for closeness and are capable of forming a strong emotional bond.

Cancer is a natural caregiver with a strong desire to care for others. This sign is also extremely domestic and capable of great accomplishments on a practical level.

Scorpio is another excellent match for Pisces. A Pisces and Scorpio pairing is very similar to a Pisces and Cancer pairing. 


Pisces and Scorpio can create a profound emotional and even psychic bond. As with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can communicate on an almost telepathic level.

Virgo and Pisces have excellent compatibility. Because Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces, they are natural partners.


This is true in theory, but in practice there are some pairs of opposites that get along better than others.


Leo and Pisces are one of the least compatible couples because they share insufficient characteristics to establish a meaningful relationship. 

 A Leo woman has difficulty respecting a man who, in her views, appears weak.


Aquarius is among the worst companions for Pisces. Both of these signs tend to be rather unconventional, but their outlook on life is vastly different. 

. Pisces is Mutable Water, which means they lack a sense of boundaries and have a tendency to float through existence. 


Pisces and Gemini are very dissimilar and form a poor pairing. Pisces is intuitive and empathetic, while Gemini is inquisitive and intellectual. 

Gemini is also somewhat oblivious to boundaries. There is no one to provide equilibrium or stability to this couple's relationship.

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