Perfect Cup of Coffee Based on Zodiac Sign

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They would find a match in the equally powerful, concentrated, and audacious macchiato.

Aries: Macchiato

They would appreciate an indulgent, comforting, and visually appealing beverage, such as a cappuccino.

Taurus: Cappuccino

A cold brew is prepared by steeping coarsely ground coffee for 12 to 24 hours. The air sign would prefer its sweetness,

Gemini: Flavoured Cold Brew

Cancer: Latte

Lattes are among the most frequently ordered coffees, making them a standard and reliable component of most menus.

Leo: Affogato

 Affogatos are an eccentric, unconventional coffee order consisting of espresso drizzled over vanilla gelato.

Their beverage of choice would have to be equally precise and expeditious. Cortados require the ideal ratio of espresso and non-frothy, non-textured steamed milk.

Virgo: Cortado

Libra: Café Au Lait

Cafe au Lait is a French beverage made by combining equal portions of steamed milk and strong drip-brewed or French-pressed hot coffee to produce a mellow.

Scorpio: Espresso

Scorpios are recognized for their audacity and ferocity. Espresso, a concentrated form of coffee that is bold and served in tiny, strong shots, would appeal to them.

Sagittarius: Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee consists of freshly brewed black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and fresh milk, and is a smooth, flavorful, and energizing beverage.

Capricorn: Long Black

The beverage is a straightforward option that the straightforward Capricorn who views the world in black and white would greatly appreciate. 

Aquarius: Yuenyeung

This air sign deviates from the norm. Cofftea or Yuenyeung captures their essence and originality to perfection.

Pisces: Mocha

Mocha is a delectable blend of coffee, milk, and chocolate with a rich, layered, and opulent flavor. 

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