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Perfect Boyfriend For Each Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

The Cancer male is highly attracted to the Aries woman's high energy and is charmed by her. 

The Cancer man can meet the Taurus woman's extremely sensitive needs.

2. Taurus

The Cancer man is searching for his one true love, while the Gemini woman wants to be his girlfriend.

3. Gemini

The Taurus male is reliable and grounded. Given the Cancer woman's emotional propensity, he is the type of person who can calm her down.

4. Cancer 

As the Leo woman he adores, Scorpio is ardent but never dominant. Each sign possesses a strong sense of loyalty. 

5. Leo

The Libra man is unwavering in his convictions. When he has our Virgo lady in his sights, he will not rest until he has won her heart.

6. Virgo

7. Libra

The Sagittarius man and the Libra woman are an unlikely but contented couple.

The Capricorn's critical reasoning abilities and patience make him the perfect match for the imaginative and courageous Scorpio woman.

8. Scorpio

9. Sagittarius

Those born under the sign of Aries and Sagittarius are social creatures with an adventurous spirit. 

Although the sensitive nature of a Pisces may make him appear to be an unlikely match for the Capricorn lady, the two signs are actually a perfect match. 

10. Capricorn

11. Aquarius

The Libra male blends well with the adaptable Aquarius. Both indications enjoy being outgoing and social.

The Cancer male, like his Pisces girlfriend, is compassionate. Each partner is in tune with his or her emotions and feels safe enough with the other to open up thoroughly.

12. Pisces

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