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Most Understanding Zodiac Signs


Cancer is forgiving when it doesn't involve them. Cancers are sensitive despite their harsh demeanor. 


Scorpio isn't the most understanding sign. The wild child of the zodiac, this sign tries to be understanding when it suits them. 


Capricorns are neither emotional nor understanding. Their absence of emotion makes it hard to relate with others.


Leo can be the greatest or least understanding person you've ever met. Their reaction generally relies on how near you are to them.


Sagittarius is childlike. People are emotional and typically make decisions based on their feelings.


 Aries' understanding typically depends on whether they feel wronged. Out of spite, Aries will not be understanding.


Taurus is understanding when his emotions are in check. This sign prefers to be heard first.


Aquarius enjoys solitude. This makes them the least emotionally intelligent zodiac sign.


Virgos are very understanding. They're more compassionate because they want to help. 


Libra seeks deeper understanding. They're understanding because they want the world to be in harmony. 


This sign of the Air is renowned for their great communication talents, which they employ to connect with others. 


Pisces is surprisingly understanding. They're one of the zodiac's most forgiving signs, yet they're emotional. 

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