Most Manipulative Zodiac Sign

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1. Virgo

While Virgos have a reputation for being kind and generous, beneath their affable exterior lies a person who desires to impose their will on others.


They will likely use indirect comments, veiled threats, or the victim card to get what they want.

2. Leo

However, whenever they do not receive recognition from the individuals they desire it from, their manipulative nature will emerge.


This sign employs "guilt-tripping," and it's likely that those being manipulated won't realize it until much later.

3. Pisces

You wouldn't necessarily expect a Pisces to be manipulative, which is precisely why they are so skilled at it.


If they want something, they have no reservations about highlighting their positive qualities to convince others that they deserve it.

4. Libra

Because Libra is skilled at maintaining equilibrium, they are able to achieve their goals by employing "just the right blend of good and evil.


They will attempt to appear innocent, but their manipulation is not particularly covert.

5. Gemini

Gemini will be the first to deflect responsibility in order to avoid danger. 


They have numerous concepts and desires and can devise a variety of strategies to achieve their goals.

6. Scorpio

It's not surprising that Scorpio is the most manipulative zodiac sign.


Scorpios are known to be very persuasive when they communicate, convincing the other party that they were in the wrong even if they had done nothing wrong.

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