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Most Impatient Zodiac Signs 


Aries is one of the most impatient zodiac signs because of their temper. Fire signs like things done quickly or they get upset.


Fire signs are impatient and temperamental. They prefer to accomplish things themselves rather than wait for others.


As you can see, fire signs struggle with patience. Leo loves a showy, lavish lifestyle, but they rarely want to get there slowly.


Patient Capricorns. They're patient when educating or listening. Call this zodiac sign to complain about everything.


Virgo patience relies on mood and activity. Virgos are irritated if interrupted while working. 


Aquarius only waits when they want to. They choose their patience with others. Unfortunately, they're impatient. 


Scorpios can be patient, but not in the usual way. Scorpios are patient while playing games or intimidating others.


Most Geminis are surprisingly patient. Geminis are only impatient when they are enthused about achieving a goal. 


Taurus appears impatient. Taurus is quieter than they appear. This zodiac sign is understanding and patient. 


This sign seeks equilibrium. Libra seeks justice and harmony, hence she often mediates. This makes them patient.


Cancer also enjoys tranquility. They dislike conflict. That clashes with their calmness. Cancer is one of the most laid-back signs. 


Pisces are emotional and not the most patient zodiac sign. Despite their rage, they settle down quickly.

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