Most Funniest Zodiac Signs

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Capricorn speaks dryly. Capricorns will get the joke. Capricorns are funny. Most don't understand.


Aquarius only tries to make others smile in the company of close friends, and it often surprises them.


Cancer is humorous to a select set, but most people don't like their jokes.


Pisces would be lot hilarious if they could figure out how to condense the story's specifics.


Aries possesses an astonishing array of facial expressions, impersonations, and dialects.


Leos aren't hilarious, but they've perfected their delivery. They thrive on stage performance.


Taurus is the most hilarious zodiac sign. Regrettably, they only share their best jokes with a few people on rare occasions.


The Scorpion maintains a razor-thin border between passive-aggressiveness and nonjudgmentalism. 


Because they can give and take jokes, Geminis make great comedians. They can laugh at themselves and converse well. 


Libras are happy to let a funnier comic take the stage. Libra prefers socializing to being noticed.


No one but a Sagittarius has mastered the art of spontaneously improvising jokes and tales on the moment.


Virgos thrive at sarcasm and self-deprecation. They often share their deepest ideas and enjoy making others laugh. 

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