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Most Fluffy Cat Breeds

Persian Cat

The Persian is one of the most popular purebred cat species and one of the most well-known fluffy breeds.

The Maine Coon is a large feline. He has a furry tail, furry limbs, and a furry neck. 

Maine Coon Cat

The Ragdoll has a remarkable appearance, not only due to his fluffy fur but also because of his piercing blue eyes.


He has the same weekly grooming requirements due to his fluffy nature.


Some cat registries refer to the Himalayan as the Himalayan Persian because it is a specific colorpoint of the Persian breed.


The Somali is closely related to the Abyssinian with cropped hair. He has the same muscular, athletic build, but his coat is long and shaggy. 



The Birman cat is native to Burma and, according to rumors (likely begun by Birman cats themselves), is descended from temple cats.

 He is extremely intelligent, gets along with all family members, including dogs, and sheds significantly less than other long-haired puffy breeds.


Norwegian Forest

He is a muscular cat with moderate energy levels who is amicable to children, dogs, adults, and strangers. 

First, he is a breed that not only tolerates but also enjoys spending time in water, earning him the moniker "swimming cat."

Turkish Van

Highland Fold

Those who have witnessed a Scottish Fold or Highland Fold are likely to recall them. 

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is smaller than the majority of the breeds on this list, but despite having only short- to medium-length hair, he is undeniably fluffy, particularly his tail.

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