Most Empathetic Signs Ranked

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Capricorns are the least empathetic zodiac sign. They attempt to treat everyone equally, but they won't make anyone happy. 


Sags love long chats. They enjoy talking about anything other than feelings. They don't like communicating their feelings. 


Aries struggle with empathy since they can't relate to things. Arieses only empathize with related topics.


Leos are egoistic but sympathetic toward friends. Leos only show their empathy to close friends and relatives.


Librans are compassionate and happy when their loved ones are. Librans are polite and good friends. 


Cancers are emotional and compassionate. Their maternal inclination makes them more empathetic. 


Empathic Geminis. But, being sensitive to others' sentiments can sometimes cause issues.


Aquarians parent the world. They care about others and experience their pain.


Several scorpion features seem unrelated to emotional sensitivity. Scorpios are violent but sensitive. They care and attempt to be kind.


Virgos are sensitive despite their perfectionism. Tough exterior. They're emotional mush within.


Taureans are also empathetic. This surprises most. A bull-sign zodiac sign shouldn't care about others. Tauruses are emotionally elegant.


The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of Pisces. They are considered to be the most emotionally sensitive of the zodiac signs.

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