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Most Disloyal Zodiac Signs


Men born under the sign of Libra can be unfaithful if they feel ignored in their relationship.

Pleasing both mistress and wife and sometimes girlfriend (since they might be close friends with women) can be a subject to which they spend all their energies.


Sagittarius men are exceptionally discreet and adept at concealing the fact that they have a mistress. 

The Sagittarius males are known for their chilly, calm, and controlled demeanour. 


Aquarius will pursue a relationship with a woman only because she is dissimilar to his existing partner.

They leap without hesitation, especially if they are bored with their couple's lifestyle. 


She always wants to be the centre of attention, and she can make extreme alterations to turn heads even more.

The Aries woman disregards all rules. Regardless of how strongly she feels for her lover, the Aries woman is unfaithful. 

The Gemini woman enjoys discovering and trying new things, so if an intriguing man enters her life, she will pursue him.


The Gemini woman does not sleep with any one of the opposing gender. She chooses the man whose intellect will astound her.

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