Most Common Pets in the USA

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Dogs are the most popular pet in American households.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, around 31 million American households have cats.



Fish are the third most common pet in the United States, with approximately 11% of all American families having at least one fish. 

Birds are ranked fourth. Birds are not as popular as fish or cats, but they are just as entertaining and fulfilling to care for.



Reptiles, including snakes, salamanders, iguanas, and many species of lizards, are gaining popularity among animal lovers in the United States.

Rabbits are an immensely popular specialty pet among animal lovers.



As odd as it may seem, poultry (chicken, turkey, ducks, and geese) are popular pet choices for many American households. 

They are cherished because they are simple to care for, little, and rarely sick. 


Guinea pigs

They are small, simple to care for, extremely active, and have a moderate lifespan.

Ferrets are a popular choice among exotic animal enthusiasts. They are lively, amusing, and adorable. 


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