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Most Aggressive Zodiac Sign 


Anger Aries. They'll battle over everything. Aries, controlled by War, can expecting this. They appreciate opposing views but won't back down.


Leo is stubborn and enjoys fighting. They fight people. Defending a loved one is very important.


Aquarius is among the more irritable zodiac signs. They are easily angered. Also, they have no fear of confrontation.


Taurus typically dislikes conflict. They view arguments as inconsequential and avoid them wherever possible.


Sagittarius rarely gets angry. Before they snap, they usually take a while. If they get upset, run. 


Pisces gets irritated more than other signs. Pisces might become furious about the smallest thing and get angrier when you don't understand.


Scorpio is slightly aggressive. They shun conflict to be decent. To avoid anger, expect passive violent behavior.


Gemini is ambivalent. Gemini is unpredictable. They may become more patient. They'll burst again soon.


When upset, this symbol avoids the situation. They may shift topics or leave. Avoiding rage. This will continue until they calm down.


Libra is peaceful. They try to stay calm to project a cool image. Aggression sometimes seems beneath them. 


Virgos are more passive-aggressive. Instead of debating, Virgo will sarcastic words under his breath. They avoid conflict and violence.


Capricorn resembles Virgo. When upset, they keep quiet. They frequently feel worse hoping their difficulties will go away.

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