Mentally Weak Zodiac Signs

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Moon phases have a significant impact on those born under this sign. Depending on the situation, they could have a wide range of emotions.


They might be happy and wonderful now, and angry and wretched with tears in their eyes tomorrow.

It's hard to imagine how a Cancer might be feeling particularly great right now. They're hypervigilant and easily hurt due to their heightened sensitivity.

A Libra is the prototypical peacemaker. Therefore, once they are no longer stable, their mental health may deteriorate.


There's a risk of people going off the rails when they set their sights on a lofty goal.

A Scorpio is like a Cancer in that they share many characteristics. Abuse destroys their mental health immediately.


They have a deep capacity for emotion and are very passionate people. 

They count on the same level of honesty and openness from the people they consider closest to them. 

Pisceans have a great capacity for creativity, insight, and compassion. If their mood ever changes, they could become quite delicate emotionally.


Their ability to freely express their emotions through dancing, culture, and the arts allows them to rapidly regain their positive disposition.

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