Loyal Zodiac Sign Ranking

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 Scorpios are quite adamant about sharing their lives. They demand total loyalty from their companion.


The most generous zodiac sign is Leo. Leos are generous despite their reputation. They love fiercely and are generous.


Cancers feel deeply. Cancers are sensitive, caring, and ruled by the Moon. Cancers are maternal and protective. 


Taurus is steady. Taurus is the most security-conscious sign. Taurus is what you see. They express themselves openly.



Libras are charming and attractive, making it hard to predict their loyalty. Libras like serious relationships with good affection.


Geminis might be unreliable. Long-term relationships can worry Geminis. Yet, Geminis make great companions. 


Aries is evenly faithful. They're dynamic and dedicated companions. They wouldn't lie either.


They dwell in a wonderful realm and retreat from problems when they grow too heated.


Virgo can be cynical, making loyalty difficult. They are flighty in relationships, thus one mistake might terminate it. 


They won't be seduced by others, but they'll put other things before their spouse.


Sagittarius craves freedom and independence. Commitment is too restrictive for Sagittarius.

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