Leo Zodiac Sign Lucky Color

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The Sun is strongly associated with gold. It represents money, status, power, and influence.

The vibrant hue symbolizes the majesty of Leos and increases their charisma, ambition, and royal status.

 Its powerful hue vibrations invigorate Leo's spirit and aid them in making a powerful impression. 

 Regal Purple

The color purple symbolizes monarchy, ecstasy, spirituality, and enchantment. 

Since ancient times, this color has been labeled as valuable because it is so uncommon to find objects in this hue.

According to historians, only royalty and the wealthy wore purple in the past.

 Burnt Orange

The color orange reminds me of the Sun's gleaming rays. It evokes strength, enthusiasm, warmth, and shine. 

The hue promotes energy and makes Leos feel enthusiastic and pleased.

 It also stimulates spontaneity and confidence, enabling Leo natives to make friends.

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