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Least to Most Zodiac Passionate Ranking


Pisces is too much of a dreamer and not enough of a doer to be considered a true lover or seeker of passion. 


Sagittarius enjoy committing to people, projects, and jobs. This allows students to study, explore, and support their interests more effectively.


Aquarius think big, but they rarely work hard. Aquarius despise routine employment and project involvement. 


In a few years, Taurus loses its enthusiasm and passion. Taurus starts partnerships slowly, thoughtfully, and sensually. 


Virgos like to show their lovers how much they care.


Pisces procrastinate because they have trouble managing their thoughts. Pieces tire of themselves multiple times a year. 


When a romantic love interest is involved, Capricorn is typically at their most passionate.


Libra is inherently passionate, having a strong desire to connect with their partner and place the connection at the forefront. 


Cancer is passionate but painfully slow. Cancers rarely love outside their house.


Aries hates boredom and spends much of their waking hours planning, working, or polishing their passion project.


Leo is crazy with life's simple things. They enjoy nasty behind-the-scenes labour as much as public visibility. 


Pluto and Mars, planets of passion, drive, and desire, control Scorpio, the most passionate zodiac sign.

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