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Least to Most Zodiac Bohemian


Taurus is warm, predictable, and conservative. They like stability and the status quo.


Capricorn is dedicated to upholding beliefs and customs. Without routines and schedules, life is chaotic, hectic, and sometimes upsetting.


Virgos are conservative and old-fashioned. They love people-watching and are judgmental.


Libras are impartial and don't mind breaking with tradition, yet they also value and include it. 


Leo craves and usually gets admiration. These natural charmers want to conform and be special. 


They cannot be a nonconformist because they feel morally bound to be the best, most impressive, and most successful.


Sagittarius values freedom most. They are creative and have much to say about themselves and their visions.


Geminis with cool, like-minded, free-spirited companions may be more bohemian than our number one sign.


Aries are bohemian because they live in turmoil, uncertainty, and impulses.


Water signs enjoy life and are adaptable. . Pisces is gentle and carefree. They flourish in creative learning and art situations. 


These freethinkers are spiritual and connected to the universe, ancestors, and spirits.


Scorpios are unique, passionate, and vocal, yet they hide their sensitive, spiritual, and intuitive side behind their public persona.

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