Kind-Hearted Zodiac Signs Who Get Hurt The Most

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The most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They are extremely generous and enjoy giving and receiving love.

The best approach to loving a Cancer is to avoid exploiting their generosity.


Scorpios conceal their feelings because they have sensitive hearts.

They dislike being rejected, therefore if they feel rejected, it will not be a pleasant thing.


Geminis are surprisingly emotional individuals.

They are quite sensitive but are excellent performers. Behind closed doors, their hearts are extremely fragile.


They will do anything for you, but if you betray them, all hell breaks out.

If you say or do something to hurt them, they will do anything to make you feel the agony they have given you; therefore, please handle them with care.

When they're into you, they're really fragile and require your undivided attention.


If you shatter their hearts, they will be so distraught that you will never make that error again.

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