Is Your Zodiac Sign Keeping You Poor?

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They may earn a lot of money, then spend it or even give it away because they believe it will be just as easy to earn more tomorrow.


Taureans are earthy individuals who enjoy the comfort and stability of material possessions.


They are typically willing to work hard for their money, to their credit. So long as the position is stimulating and adaptable. 


Cancers have a reputation for being extremely thrifty, even when it's not necessary. 


Leos enjoy spending money on attractive things in the now, but they also desire the stability and comfort of having money saved for the future.


This permits them to concentrate their diligent efforts on producing quality work.


Libras are easily swayed one way or the other when it comes to making and spending money.


About earning, saving, and spending money, the Scorpion may believe, "Not because I can't, but because I don't want to.


Sagittarians desire to have a lot of money, and they may place a monetary value on everything, including personal relationships. 


They are rarely in that position themselves and cannot comprehend how others may get there. 


They are sufficiently self-disciplined to operate independently, and they enjoy the logical components of running a firm.


Sometimes they become so engrossed in fantasising about what it would be like that they forget to act.

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