How to Understand an Aquarius Moon Sign

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If your birth chart or natal chart has ever been calculated, you are aware of your Moon sign. 

The Moon sign carries the same weight as the Sun sign (what most people refer to as their "sign") and their Rising sign, also known as their Ascendant.

When you were born, the sky halted and a map of the stars was created to describe your personality.

Your birth chart can reveal your personality, feelings, behaviours, and values.

The positioning of the Moon at the moment of your birth determines your Moon sign.

Your Moon sign is the Zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the moment of your birth. 

This indicator is crucial when investigating an individual's emotions, emotional reactions, and maternal instincts.

Your Moon sign represents your inner self; your most profound emotions.

Individuals born when the Moon was in Aquarius are exceptionally smart and creative. 

They are exceptionally charitable, compassionate, and tolerant of others.

Their emotional detachment makes them exceptional as first responders or in critical situations.

Aquarius Moon signs are always working for the betterment of others, despite their unpredictability. 

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