Gelly Roll Is Perfect For Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Capricorn

Classic Gelly Roll in the color green, which is appropriate given that Capricorn is the sign's traditional hue.

2. Aquarius

Glossy Ink Gelly Roll Although it is well known that Aquarians are a diverse group, any color will do.

3. Pisces

a blue Moonlight Gelly Roll since blue is such a dazzling color that "ignites the darkness, radiates emotion.

4. Aries

 Also, while we're at it, let's make it look like a stardust gelly roll with all the sparkles. 

5. Taurus

Metallic Gold Gelly Roll pen shall be the one that parents of Taurus babies choose to use. 

6. Gemini

Silver Shadow Gelly Roll, which enables you to write in glittering silver ink while also producing a brilliantly colorful border.

7. Cancer

reen is a safe bet considering that it is the sign's lucky hue, but vermillion.

8. Leo

This sign, which enjoys being the center of attention, pairs exceptionally well with the pink version of the Gelly Roll.

9. Virgo

Gelly Roll in black This is a bold statement, but I stand by it.

10. Libra

Gelly Roll in blue – a stunning and well proportioned combination of two classic hues (silver metallic and blue).

11. Scorpio

They are ideally suited for the hypnotizing Metallic Gelly Roll, and we will manufacture it in purple.

12. Sagittarius

You guessed correctly; Sagittarius is most certainly a Stardust Gelly Roll pen, and the color "marine blue. 

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