Flowers Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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1.Aries : Honeysuckle flower.

Aries are recognized for their young characteristics: they are enthusiastic, confident, and happy.

2.Taurus : Poppy

Those born under the Taurus zodiac sign are courageous, sensitive, and enamored with love and natural beauty.

3.Gemini : Lavender

The vibrant appearance of lavender nicely complements the gregarious and active attitude of a Gemini. 

4. Cancer : white rose flower

Cancers are renowned for their creativity and sensitivity. Cancers feel comfort in sticking to what they already know, despite their occasional desire for adventure. 

5.Leo: Sunflower 

Leos are possibly the only individuals who are more gregarious and social than Geminis. 

6. Libra :  Rose flower

Like a classic rose, Libras are adored by all they encounter. 

7. Scorpio : Geranium

It seems logical that their zodiac flowers are coupled with one of the most popular wedding flowers.

8.Virgo: Buttercup

Virgos may not always want to be the center of attention, but do not be fooled by their apparent reticence. 

9. Pisces : Water Lily

With their element being water and their emblem being the two fish, a water lily and a Pisces may be the most compatible combination. 

10.Capricorn :  Pansy

Like a pansy, Capricorns appear to improve with age! Capricorns, who are renowned for their diligence and perseverance.

11.Aquarius : Orchid

Don't let the timid demeanor of an Aquarius mislead you. In the presence of trusted friends.

12. Sagittarius : Carnation

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are both strong and attractive, like a carnation. 

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