Flirty Zodiac Sign Ranking

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Smooth-talking Gemini. Mercury-ruled Gemini flirts unknowingly! Everyone is drawn to this symbol. Geminis know how to flirt.


Leo, ruled by the Sun, deserves the spotlight. They like attention. They turn heads naturally.


 Scorpios draw attention. Their mystery will make you want to chat to them!


Libra, ruled by Venus, is alluring. They're fun and flirtatious. Libras are gentle, romantic, and easy to love.


Their positivity makes them appealing. Sagittarius may also brighten a room with their humor.


Aries don't mind failing or seeming dumb. Aries may flirt and talk well. Aries flirts unintentionally! Just their nature.


Since Virgo is controlled by Mercury, the communication planet, they have little trouble charming others with their smart words and amazing sense of humor. 


They understand what a healthy romantic relationship entails, and as a result, they are naturally charming. Often, Pisces are reserved when it comes to flirting.


Everything a Cancer does is typically motivated by their emotions and sentiments, even flirting.


Taurus is a sign of the Earth, hence they often have a calm and composed personality.


They will only flirt with those they feel worthy, and if you don't fit their standards, they will quickly move on.


Aquarius understands how to flirt (obviously), but prefers to attract others with their intellectual ideas and views.

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