Candle You Should Burn, Based on Your Zodiac sign 

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Your energy as a fire sign gives you the confidence to pursue your ambitions without worrying about the details.

Aries: Cinnamon Apple Candle

Pine Needle Close-up of a candle in a glass container, a succulent, and a notebook on a wooden. background.

Taurus: Pine Needle Candle

Gemini: Strawberry Basil Candle

You enjoy upsetting the status quo, Gemini. As the zodiac's social butterfly, you are never satisfied to remain in one place for too long. 

Cancer: Fresh Linen Candle

Fresh Linen Candle white candle on a white background with white d├ęcor

Rose and orange blossoms represent Leo Rose candle and orange candle

Leo: Rose and Orange Blossom Candle

Virgo: Cedar Candle

Choosing a candle scent can be challenging for you. You have a keen eye for detail and extremely discerning preferences.

You are constantly pulled into new social situations, which is where you flourish due to your charisma and wit.

Libra: Vanilla Bean Candle

Scorpio: Tobacco and Patchouli Candle

Scorpio should burn a candle that exudes mystique and sensuality, such as a rich and musky tobacco and patchouli candle.

You love solo sports and the outdoors. A tennis-themed party appeals to your honesty and energetic lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Amber and Fig Candle

Capricorn: Leather and Mahogany Candle

Capricorn, you prefer a life that is refined and devoid of muddle. 

Aquarius: Papaya and Pomegranate Candle

Aquarius, you are the most eccentric sign of the zodiac. Your passion for the unusual will frequently lead you in exciting and unexpected directions. 

Pisces: Sea Salt Coconut Candle

You are a profound thinker, Pisces, who is compassionate, dreamy, and a bit mystic.

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