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Calm Zodiac Sign Ranking


Aries gets mad easily. This zodiac sign appears calm because they realize how disrespectful they can be if they express their fury.

Mad people don't ignore you. They need space to relax. Aries knows their rage tantrums should not be directed at others.


Sagittarius is dominated by their fierce temper. It's the zodiac's wild child. They are compassionate and free-spirited.

They're sensitive, therefore things that don't bother others disturb them. Like children, they'll explode with wrath.


The Lion symbolizes this fire sign, and they act like kings of the wild. Leo is playful, but he roars easily.

Leo's rage is more. They become furious and crimson. They may need days to calm down before you can talk rationally.


Scorpio is intense. From joy to rage, they experience everything.

Due to their childlike character, they become angry easily yet calm down quickly. They are more tolerant than other angry zodiac signs.


Capricorns appear calm because they hide their emotions. Anger shuts them down.

After boiling, you'll see their anger. When they bottle up their emotions, they explode like volcanoes.


Virgos are patient and gentle. When something bothers them, they don't fuss.

They prefer to hide their feelings. If you're close, they'll calmly discuss what's bothering them.

Virgo gets irritated occasionally. They hate disrespect. They'll remember their anger.

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