Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Leo

Self-sufficient people should ride the Throne Phantom. 

2. Virgo

Virgos ride the S Works Shiv Disc. This triathlon bike is among the best-designed and built

3. Pisces

The EVRYjourney Steel is a cruiser bike, comparable to hybrid cycles but with a greater emphasis on comfort and casualness. 

4. Sagittarius

The Full Tilt Boogie is the ideal bicycle for Sagittarius. This bicycle is similar to cyclocross bikes in that it is primarily designed for paved roads.

5. Libra

This Schwinn is a recumbent bike, a style of bicycle renowned for its ease and comfort.

6. Scorpio

The AWOL Expert exemplifies the Scorpio spirit more than any other touring bike.

7. Capricorn

 This noble disposition makes Capricorn an ideal match for the Canyon Grail, an adventure road bike. 

8. Cancer

The Marin Presido is an exercise bicycle that is ideal for Cancers. This fitness bike has an exceptionally high performance

9. Aquarius

The Trek FX dual-sports bicycle is the greatest fit for an Aquriaus. Aquarius are noted for their independent and logical demeanor.

10. Gemini

Since hybrid bikes are essentially a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. 

11. Aries

BMX bike, the Haro Shredder, would be Aries' preferred bike. 

12. Taurus

The Alchemy Arktos is a mountain bike that features large tires, suspension, and low gearing.

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