Best To Worst Kissers Zodiac signs

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You won't get kissed at first sight, but you'll find yourself anticipating a kiss after staring into each other's eyes for an unusually extended period of time.


Scorpions prefer to kiss your neck in public, but they will kiss you all over if given the chance.


In case you were thinking of accusing a Leo of being a bad kisser, you should know that they would be dead before you could make that claim.


You can count on a lot of attention and effort from your Cancerian when it comes to a kiss. Everything except one thing will meet your expectations.


When it comes to making out, Taureans are known for their tender touch.


In terms of kissing, Aries is the most chill of the fire signs. After all, they are one of the signs of the element of fire.


Kisses from a Sagittarius will leave you wanting more, whether they land on your lips, cheeks, or somewhere else.


Those born under this sign have a reputation for being overly critical of themselves and their actions.


Just like everything else, Capricorns take kissing very seriously. Exactly which genre do you enjoy the most, and why?


A Libra will never kiss you first, and it may seem like they aren't interested in you.


When it comes to politics, Aquarians are known for having wide-open minds, which isn't always a good thing.


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