Best Tattoo Designs Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The constellation Aries consists of five delicate stars and four simple lines, making it the ideal minimalist design for a tattoo.

 Aries : Constellation of Stars

The Taurus glyph is basic enough to be tattooed on the fingertips or other concealed areas, such as behind the ears.

Taurus : A Glyph

Gemini : Facial Line Art

A beautiful line drawing of two faces is an original and immediate conversation starter for the twin signs.

Cancer : Crab Line Art

The crustacean tattooed with simple lines is endearing; the smaller the lines, the better.

The Leo constellation consists of a multitude of stars, and if you want your tattoo to sparkle, this is the design for you.

Leo : Constellation of Stars

Virgo : Wheat

A wheat tattoo appears on the skin as a pastoral and nature-loving design that is thin and delicate.

The Libra symbol is a rose, and the flower is undeniably beautiful as a tattoo.

Libra : A Scale

Scorpio : Line Art

The Scorpio constellation is comprised of elongated lines and minuscule stars, making it a lovely choice for a straightforward black ink.

It can indicate to others that you know where you're going or are on the correct path.

Sagittarius : Bow and Arrow

Capricorn : Goat Line Art

As a tattoo, the ram or goat is frequently rendered in great detail, but when done as an abstract line drawing, it appears rather enigmatic and cool.

Aquarius : A Glyph

The undulating Aquarius symbol looks good as-is and is a simple choice for an unobtrusive tattoo that you can practically ink anywhere on your body.

Pisces : Twin Fish

The emblematic mirrored Pisces fish is an ideal tattoo design. You can choose between a simple, more geometric depiction of these creatures or an intricate, watercolor-like design.

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