Best Snake Games for Android and iOS

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1., a popular snake arcade game, lets you feed a snake and watch it develop while avoiding obstacles.

2. Worms

Worm Zone is the best snake game for dynamism, enjoyment, and competitiveness. 

3. Snake ’97

Let's reminisce! This one recalls old snake games. If you love traditional snake games, try Snake '97 on your smartphone.

4. Snake Game

Snake games for Android and iOS are better than ever. Like Snake '97, it improves the basic snake game.

5. Snake Rival

Played 3D snake games? Otherwise, try Snake Rival. Game. Like the name implies, you can challenge friends across the world.

6. is ideal for trying something new. It facilitates global battles. That's why snake arcade game fans enjoy it.

7. Hungry Snake

Hungry Snake, a traditional snake game, requires you to assist the snake grow by navigating obstacles.

8. Snake Xenzia

This is also accessible for smartphones. Pixel graphics and monophonic sounds reimagine Snake Xenzia.

9. Snake Battle

Snake Battle is unique among these games. Try Snake Fight for a change.

10. is a game. lets you devour glowing orbs and grow like Snake.

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