Best Small Towns in America

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Clinton, New Jersey, is only an hour away from Nyc, and its most well-known attraction, the Red Mill Museum.


While skiing is certainly a major attraction for visitors to Stowe, the town offers a lot more to offer.


Traverse City, the largest city in Northern Michigan, is home to a relatively modest population of 15,000 people.

Traverse City

This town was established in the 1850s, when gold was found in Jackson Creek.


Dahlonega and Jacksonville, Oregon are very similar despite being on opposite sides of the United States.


Taos, New Mexico, is well-known for its pueblo-style architecture and has long been a magnet for creative types.


Travel to Sitka, Alaska, if you're looking for a completely off-the-grid experience.


The town has much to offer even if you aren't a sports fan. Baseball Hall of Fame is a must-see when in Cooperstown.


Camden Opera House and other cultural institutions make this coastal town a worthwhile stop.


Whitefish, Montana, near Glacier National Park, is a great place to go skiing in the winter.


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