Best Shoe for Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Aquarius

You can't bear boredom, so you need shoes that are daring enough to maintain your interest and whimsical enough to fulfill your zest for life. 

2. Pisces

 A pair of adorned kitten heels that provide a pleasant surprise every time you look down.

3. Aries 

Get on board with the "grandpa shoe" trend immediately, and wear them with everything from straight-leg jeans to floaty midi skirts.

4. Taurus

You are unafraid to spend your hard-earned money on craftsmanship of the highest caliber and a minimalistic aesthetic.

5. Gemini 

The ideal pair of shoes for your dual personality strikes a balance between careful intellect and wild party lady.

6. Cancer

You enjoy soft-spoken encounters and tranquil feelings, which translates to an exquisite pair of velvet ankle boots that are as silky smooth as your demeanor.

7. Leo

Your huge   personality requires a pair of exciting shoes, such as these bold hot-pink heels.

8. Virgo 

Your inner neat-freak will enjoy keeping them immaculate, while your inner wild kid will like the 1960s go-go boot vibes.

9. Libra 

Lady of the scales, balancing is your middle name. For unsure mornings, choose a pair of chunky-heeled slip-ons that feel both formal and informal.

10. Sagittarius

You are a free spirit who is always looking for new adventures, so you need a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and easy to maneuver in.

11. Capricorn

You are constantly traveling from one meeting to the next, so you need shoes that are both polished and very walking. 

12. Scorpio 

You are clandestine and seductive, which means you can pull off a pair of rocker-chic snakeskin boots with ease.

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