Best Rare and Unique Dog Breeds

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American English Coonhound

The American English coonhound is an American breed descended from English foxhounds and specifically designed to hunt raccoons. 

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie, one of the most intelligent dog breeds, is extremely trainable.


A profile of an Azawakh (African Sighthound) standing between the columns of an old, historic structure.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

The Bergamasco sheepdog is an Italian herding dog with a beautiful coat that naturally creates thick mats and requires minimal upkeep.

Biewer Terrier

They like taking walks, learning new tricks, playing fetch, and simply spending time with their family.

Cesky Terrier

Ceskys are typically lively and moderately active, making them suitable for a variety of households.

Estrela Mountain Dog

These large canines are relatively calm, but they enjoy playing and need a great deal of regular exercise to remain healthy and content.

These curly-coated dogs smell out truffles in their native Italy.

Lagotto Romagnolo

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