Best Lakes in the USA in 2023

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Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is situated in the center of the Missouri Ozarks. Table Rock Lake 

Sunset over Little Sable Point Lighthouse on peaceful Lake Michigan, one of the loveliest lakes in the United States, as seen from above.

Lake Michigan

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, with an average depth of 1,645 feet, is the second-deepest lake in the United States, despite the height of the surrounding peaks.

At night, a backpacker observes the quiet Crater Lake in Oregon, one of the nicest lakes in the United States.

Crater Lake

Lake Winnipesaukee

One of the best lakes in the United States, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire has a dock that terminates at its deeper area.

Caddo Lake has an average depth of eight to ten feet, making it the shallowest lake on our list of the greatest U.S. lakes. 

Caddo Lake

Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks, sometimes known as Missouri's "Party Lake," provides everything you need for a fun-filled lake vacation.

Among the best lakes in the United States, Colorado's Hanging Lake features waterfalls with emerald-colored water. 

Hanging Lake

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, the largest freshwater lake in terms of surface area, and the third-largest freshwater lake in terms of volume.

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