Best Fragrances According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Jennifer Fisher

This rollerball oil by jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher is perfect for Aries due to their passion in fashion and their constant movement.

Taurus: Maison Francis 

Taurus is all about luxury and has no qualms about spending a lot of money.


It is intended to evoke the sensation of stepping outside and smelling fresh flowers, which appeals to the Gemini personality.

Cancer: Vyrao Witchy

The imagery for this fragrance is literally a person on a beach under the moonlight.

Leo: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc 

In addition, Leo's characteristic color is gold, making this bottle with a gold accent appropriate.

Virgo: Atum Earth

This sign enjoys the feeling of having everything in order and likes to live in their heads, causing them to be anxious. 

 Libra: Gucci Flora Gorgeous

Gucci Flower, a beautiful floral fragrance wrapped in a pretty pink container, will appeal to both of these characteristics.

Scorpio: MALIN

This fragrance combines leather, muted florals, and rustic woods to create a scent as memorable as this sign.

 Sagittarius: Kayali

t is more important that a fragrance inspires a sense of exploration.

Capricorn:  Wild Rose

The Wild Rose variant of Arden's White Tea captures a floral aroma that appeals to their preference for tradition and cherished memories.

 Aquarius: Eau de 

They would like the fact that not only does this scent contain rose bouquet notes.

Pisces: Ellis Brooklyn Rives 

They should seek out a fragrance containing lavender, which would be quite relaxing for them.

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