Best and Worst Late Night Snacks for Your Health

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Anything that is excessively greasy can cause heartburn, particularly if you lie down shortly after indulging. 

Worst: Leftover Pizza

When hunger strikes, a half-sandwich on whole wheat bread is an excellent choice. 

Best: Half a Turkey Sandwich

Worst: Bean and Cheese Burrito

It is not a good idea to consume something fatty and spicy close to nighttime. 

Best: Whole-Grain Crackers With Cheese

If you're yearning something cheesy, try a small portion with some crackers made from whole grains.

It is simple to overeat chips, and they may cause your waistline to expand. 

Worst: Chips

Best: Popcorn

In addition to satisfying cravings for a salty, crunchy snack, popcorn is a healthful source of fiber.

When you should be winding down, consuming too much sugar will temporarily stimulate you.

Worst: Cookies and Chocolate

Best: A Low-Sugar Granola Bar

Granola bars that are nutritious contain protein, fiber, and minerals. 

The cholesterol and sugar can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Worst: Ice Cream

When craving a creamy delicacy, protein-rich Greek yogurt is the superior option. 

Best: Greek Yogurt

Worst: Sugary Cereal

Fruity, sugary cereals that are high in meaningless calories should be avoided.

Best: Oatmeal

Warm oatmeal contains both satiating fiber and melatonin, which aids sleep. 

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