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Avoid These Food to Lose Visceral Fat

Refined carbohydrates

To lose visceral fat, Young advises avoiding white bread, pasta, and rice.

Refined carbs boost blood sugar, transform into sugar, and are easily stored.

Refined carbohydrates, which have fiber and minerals removed, are unhealthy.

Processed meats

Hold the bacon when you make eggs or go to your favorite breakfast establishment! 

Being lean means avoiding processed foods like hot dogs, sausages, and bacon.

Regrettably, we're discussing your favourite charcuterie board's prosciutto and salami.

Processed meats increase cancer risk and belly obesity.

Fried foods

Egg rolls, French fries, onion rings, fried pickles, and fried chicken are loaded of saturated and trans fats.

Due to the oil needed, fried foods are also heavy in calories, which leads to weight gain.

Ice cream

If you like sweets, this last food may be the hardest. Cookie dough ice cream won't help you reduce visceral fat.

Sugar, bad fats, and calories in ice cream cause visceral fat.

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