Are You Compatible With A Gemini?

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Aries And Gemini

As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, Aries individuals can appreciate Gemini's adaptability more than others.

It's safe to conclude that Aries and Gemini have a similar effect on one another as fire and air.

Taurus And Gemini

The positive aspect of this relationship is that these two may learn a great deal from one another.

But, Taurus may be too slow for Gemini, and Gemini may be too dispersed for Taurus. 

Gemini And Gemini

A Gemini coupled with another Gemini may sound like a formula for disaster.

Communication is likely to be the strongest aspect of their relationship, and they will never run out of questions to ask each other.

Cancer And Gemini

Gemini has a tendency to make light of feelings (a trait typical of air signs), whereas Cancer takes emotions very seriously. 

Cancer's attempt to connect may be too emotionally intense for Gemini, causing them to withdraw or create distance from Cancer. 

Leo encourages Gemini to live loudly, while Gemini gives Leo the freedom to make decisions. 

Leo And Gemini

Since Gemini is flexible, Leos's fixedness won't be a problem in this partnership. 

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