Are You Compatible With A Cancer?

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Aries And Cancer 

Those born under the sign of Aries are achievers of the zodiac.

In addition to being extremely autonomous, they share this trait with Cancers. 

Taurus And Cancer

Both Taurus and Cancer are motivated by comfort and security, which makes their compatibility strong. 

Taurus will ensure that Cancer is well-fed, while Cancer will ensure that Taurus is not neglecting their emotional needs. 

Gemini And Cancer

Gemini folks are highly playful, inquisitive, and mostly motivated by mental stimulation.

But Cancers are primarily motivated by their emotions, making the relationship between them complex. 

Cancer And Cancer

Two Cancers sounds like a partnership with a lot of intense emotions.

Yet this could actually be a very stable and secure relationship.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, whereas Leo is a fixed fire sign, hence their expressions are significantly dissimilar.

Leo And Cancer

Leo craves frequent affirmation and recognition, whilst Cancer seeks emotional connection. 

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