5 Zodiac Signs Will Be A Leo’s Greatest Loves

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Aries will forever remain one of the greatest loves of Leo.

The relationship between a Leo and an Aries resembles a modern-day fairy tale.


This water sign is able to provide the assistance these fire signs have been seeking. 

The time spent between these indications will always remind the lioness that she was previously loved with the highest care and tenderness.


Virgos are Leo's safe place. This earth sign is perhaps the most reliable partner a Leo could have.

Whether or whether these two live happily ever after, the influence a Virgo has on Leo's life will inspire them to always shoot for the stars.


When Leo evolves and grows older, their relationship with their own sign develops into a lovely dynamic of balance, openness, and support. 

These two can actually find comfort and relate to one another more than you might expect.

When these two are together, they set the standard for the ideal friendship. 


Libras are Leo's eternal hype man. These air signs admire Leo's confidence, determination, and enthusiasm.

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