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5 Surprising Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep


You’re perpetually hungry

If your brain is denied of the energy it needs from sleep, it will frequently try to obtain it from food.

Inadequate rest stimulates the synthesis of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Fatigue may be the culprit. When you're exhausted, your performance will suffer.

Poor decision-making

Sleep deprivation can impair processing speed and higher-order cognitive functions.

If you find yourself reacting to things that previously would not have affected you,

You feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster

or if you find yourself swinging from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, this may be the result of insufficient sleep.

F is for…err…forgetful

A sufficient amount of sleep is crucial for the long-term functioning of the brain. 

Memory consolidation and emotional processing occur during sleep. Hence, lack of sleep may be affecting your memory. 

Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to regulate more than just your emotions.

You’ve suddenly become more clumsy

When you are less rested, there is a general decline in your neurological function.

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