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5 Simple Steps to Reclaiming Your Financial Power 


1. Know it's possible

It is difficult to manifest or attract into your life something that you do not believe is feasible. 

elax your defenses, get interested, and allow yourself to become open to the possibility that you can manifest money. 

It is necessary to be explicit: What do you desire? Like, desperate desire.

2. Get clear on what you want

If some of these urges terrify you, that's a good thing. You are now aware that the wonderful stuff is approaching.

Your motivations for desiring what you desire are not selfish at all if you examine them closely.

3. Drop the shame

You may wish to boost your income so that you may send your children to a better school, purchase all organic foods.

4. Take inspired action

It could be an opportunity that you feel compelled to seize.

The step or action that allows the money you wish to flow into your physical reality is frequently the step or action itself.

For me, it has been essential to persevere and maintain my faith.

5. Stay with it

I live my life as if the money I desire is on its way to me.

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