5 Places to Visit in the US for Chocolate Lovers

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Santa Barbara Chocolatier

This chocolatier offers gift boxes with exquisite chocolate masterfully combined with a variety of nuts, fruits, and other ingredients.

If you are interested in gourmet chocolate, this establishment is one of the best available.

Theo Chocolate Tour, Seattle

This entire experience takes place within a 100-year-old structure loaded with historic grinding and roasting equipment.

Theo provides an hour-long trip that will provide you with an entirely different experience. 

Mast Brothers Chocolate, Brooklyn

This chocolate factory offers an intimate tour that will introduce you to the perfection of handcrafted chocolate. 

It is one of the top spots in the United States for chocolate lovers.

Taza Factory Tour, Boston

This is also one of the few facilities in the United States that produce chocolate that is entirely stone-ground.

The entire 45-minute trip will allow you to view hand-carved mills that are used to process cocoa beans.

Honolulu, Hawaii

There are numerous chocolate shops dispersed throughout Honolulu that offer various tasty and nutritious chocolate smoothies.

Hawaii is the only state in the United States where cocoa beans are grown, making it one of the greatest destinations to visit.

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