4 Most Insecure Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are sensitive to their negative emotions. This can make caring natives insecure.

Cancers fear being ignored. They naturally give their all to their work, friendships, and romantic partners.

But, if they feel neglected or rejected, they can become exhausted, insecure, and burned out.


Virgos are perfectionists and analytical. Their brilliance and determination can lead to unreachable objectives.

Virgos are helpful and strategic. Even without a strategy, these natives can tackle big undertakings.

Virgos feel significant peer, friend, and family pressure. They feel vulnerable under this constant pressure.


Scorpio, though stern and strategic, is sensitive and can be offended by isolation and alienation.

Scorpios demand loyalty from their friends and lovers. They may appear envious or dominating when they merely want devotion.

Scorpios love honesty. They may think you're betraying them if you're hiding something.


As they're emotional, it's hard for them to accept that someone they care about dislikes them.

Pisces know they're emotional. Pisces may feel weaker than strict signs like Scorpio.

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